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Official name and abbreviation: Magyar Levéltárosok Egyesülete (MLE)
Official name in English: Association of Hungarian Archivists
Official name in German: Verein der Ungarischen Archivare
Seat: 1139 Budapest, Teve street. 3–5.
Postal address: 1554 Budapest, Pf. 41.
Bank account number: 11705008-20106720-00000000 (OTP)
Tax number: 19025001-1-41
Court record: Pk. 61.412 (1990.02.13.) Fővárosi Bíróság
Court registration number: 1252.

1. The objective of the association:
- Promotion of the social perception of Hungarian archival science; the collaboration of the staff members of different institutions generating and preserving documents of lasting value, in order to ensure the storage and social use of the archival material;
- Raising the professional awareness of Hungarian archivists; supporting their commitment, promotion of their self-activity;
- Promotion of the social, professional and material appreciation of the Hungarian archivists.
2. The functions of the association:
- It participates in the extensive promotion of archival science: it delivers its opinion on issues related to archival science, acting on its own initiative or upon request by governmental or social organizations;
- It regularly provides information to the members about the activities of the association both orally and in writing;
- It promotes the exchange of professional and other information related to the archives or archivists;
- It makes proposals on awards based on work in the association, or delivers its opinion on such matters upon request by other organizations;
- It maintains relations with domestic and foreign professional institutions, associations, archivist organizations and archivists of other countries;

(extract from the Rules of the MLE)

The operation of the Association of Hungarian Archivists is supported by the
Prime Minister’s Office,
Human Capacities Grant Management Office,
National Cooperation Fund.

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