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VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives

The state specialized archives, working in the organizational framework of the VERITAS Research Institute for History and Archives, was established by Act CLIV of 2015. Our Archives holds and administers the more than 13,000 linear meters documents of the restitution authorities, which are related to the regime change and have been continuously operating since then.

The main groups of the archival holdings:

I. Documents created during the restitution procedures for property damage: Those who had their private properties unjustly taken by application of laws accepted in the period between 1 May 1939 and the regime change, were eligible for restitution in the form of restitution vouchers. During the restitution procedures, documents were created related to approximately 1.5 million property restitution requests.

 II. Archival holdings of requests related to restriction on liberty or loss of life for political reasons in the period preceding the regime change:


  • Restitution for personal injury: Those who unjustly suffered loss of their life or liberty for political reasons between 11 March 1939 and 23 October 1989, or the relatives of these individuals, were entitled to compensation (restitution) in the cases specified in the relevant legislation.
  • Political rehabilitation pension supplement: Benefit available for those who suffered restriction on liberty for political reasons in the period between 1938 and 1989. The period of the grievance suffered could be taken into account as length of service, and it was accompanied by a monthly benefit as supplement to the pension acquired in Hungary.
  • National care fee: This benefit could be granted for those who were eligible for restitution according to the acts of personal restitution and suffered permanent damage to health at a specified rate, related to the grievance suffered, enabling them to restitution.

The three types of benefits could be granted independently from each other and could be paid simultaneously. For each procedure, the category of persons entitled, the legal title and the benefit granted were different, but in each case the restitution authority was competent. The cases related to the same applicant can be found physically together in the archives. 

III. Archival holdings of the agricultural land auctions for the purpose of restitution: The Act XXV of 1991 on partial compensation for damages unlawfully caused by the state to properties owned by citizens in the interest of settling ownership relations wished to change the ownership structure of the agricultural land prior to the regime change and facilitate the privatization of co-operative and state lands. To this end, to provide compensation in terms of agricultural land, the co-operative or its successor should assign an area corresponding to that coming under the validity of the Annex to the Act (I co-operative land fund). The ownership of these lands could be acquired on special auctions. The distinctive feature of these auctions was that the participants must have had restitution vouchers; respectively, those could acquire ownership in this way, who acquired restitution vouchers in their own right. Concurrently, and following the co-operative land auctions, the state-owned lands were sold on similar special auctions (II state land fund). The conduct of agricultural land auctions for the purpose of restitution belonged to the competence of the restitution authority.

 IV. Archival holdings related to the activities of the restitution authorities: the documents of the senior staff (president, director general, deputy director general) of the restitution authority, correspondence not related to specific requests for restitution, documents related to the payment of compensation.

 According to the legal requirements, the right of informational self-determination for the citizens and the scientific research following the end of the term of protection are ensured by our archives.


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