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Vác City Archives

The historical records of Vác had been preserved in the city hall until 1951, when the said documentation was taken to the Pest County Archives, Budapest. The Pest County Archives opened its Vác department (branch archives) in the former Franciscan monastery in 1979. The documents of the city of Vác, along with the records of the District of Vác as well as the Economic Archives of the Episcopate of Vác were transferred back to the city this time. Since the Franciscan Order claimed back the former (building of the) monastery in 1990, the Pest County Archives got a new building where the possibilities were given to keep all the records in one place. Thus the issue of transfer the records of Vác arose. At this time the municipality of Vác decided to take the city’s historical memory to its own hand and founded the Vác City Archives on 1 October 2004. They provided new place for the institution in 2006 in the reconstructed building of the former museum.
The Archives custodies the documents related to Vác and the settlements preceded it: Káptalanvác, Püspökvác, Kisvác. The records created in the Middle Ages and under the Turkish rule were perished along with the papers written in the first decades of the 18th century. Apart from the documents of municipal administration the Archives preserves the records of economic institutions (factories) and co-operatives which were seated in Vác. The documents belonging to the Grammar School of the Piarist Order in Vác dates from 1773 and Hungary’s first institute for the deaf and dumb dates from 1802 are crucial sources of the education history. Among the private fonds can be found the bequest of Tibor Pitheky (composer) and Gábor Lehotka (organist and composer). The Tragor collection (1544-1921), which includes documents related to several settlements and counties, occupies a distinguished place among the artificial fonds of the Archives. In the category of the sources concerned with the modern era the videos and audio records produced by the local television channels are remarkable. The Archives preserves as a deposit the records of the Economic Archives of the Episcopate of Vác dated from 1293. Among the documents there are archival sources concerned with the financial and economic cases of the diocese of Vác extending from Nógrád County to Szeged as well as papers dealing with the estates of the Episcopate. The Archives possesses around 200 thousand of digitalized records of mostly the Archives’ own documents and to a lesser extent records concerned with Vác but belonging to other archives. Thus the access are provided in three places within the research room to read and investigate for instance the minutes of municipal meetings held in the Middle Ages and the 19th century as well as the denominational registers and the minutes of the manor court’s and officer’s sittings belonged to the Estate of the Episcopate of Vác.
The Archives issues two series the Váci Történelmi Tár [Historical Collection of Vác] (from 1996) and the Limes – Váci levéltári füzetek [Limes – Archival Issues of Vác] (from 2009): Our institution organizes regularly exhibitions on the basis of its own collection and partly of borrowed materials in the exhibition rooms of the city. The exhibited materials are available on the website of the Archives. The Vác City Archives takes part in organizing the Days of the Cultural Heritage festival and holds the Archival Day event as well as the institution is available on the community portals.

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