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University of Physical Education Archives

The Archives operates within the framework of the library. In addition to the preserved documents of the legal predecessor institutions, it also holds the records of the university's (mainly central) organisational units, which date back more than 15 years.

Unfortunately, the minutes of council meetings prior to 1968 have survived only in very fragmentary form. The situation is slightly better in the case of the archival material of the Rector's Office and its legal predecessors, which can be considered continuous from 1958. Economic affairs were relatively well documented in the interwar and post-war period, too. Noteworthy is the complete set of registers from 1868 onwards of the School for the Training of Gymnastics Teachers, which was part of the National Athletic Club. Those interested in sports history can find valuable information in the minutes of the TFSC (1925–1939), as well as in the documents of the Sports Museum, which include, for example, (from 1884) game rules and invitations.

The initial classification of the archival material was carried out in 1987–1988 by László Szögi, József Mihály Kiss and Gábor Ujváry. Unfortunately, before the Archives was established, a large number of documents were destroyed, the size of which cannot be estimated. All that could be ascertained was that the documents had been destroyed during the relocation of the various organisational units.

Since its creation, the Archives has continuously increased its holdings, which currently amount to almost 100 linear metres of documents. The collection was granted the status of a specialised archives in 1997. The TF is a founding member of the Association of the Archives of Hungarian Higher Education.

Research in the archives may be carried out under the conditions laid down in the research room regulations and at a time agreed in advance with the archivist.

Archivist: dr. Molnár László
Phone: +36-30-541-7156 |