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University of Miskolc Archives

Founded in 1982, the Archives collects, preserves, and explores the written documents of the history of the university in Selmecbánya and Sopron (1735–1949), and its history in Miskolc (from 1949). It also collects written records of outstanding achievements in technical higher education, industrial and engineering science, as well as written documents related to the life and work of the professionals who once studied at the alma mater. Its most valuable documents are the student registers and state examination records of the Selmec Mining and Forestry Academy, 1841–1919. The Archives preserves documents from 1735-2002, a total of 500 linear metres, classified into 55 fonds.


Further information:

 Address: 3515 Miskolc-Egyetemváros
Phone: (06 46) 565111/extensions: 1667, 1671, 1617
Fax: (06 46) 369 554