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University of Pannonia University Library and Archives (Veszprém)

The competence of the archives, founded in 1999, covers the archival material of the institutions, organizational units and lecturers of the University of Pannonia, except for the Georgikon Faculty in Keszthely. The collection in Veszprém includes an almost complete series of the proceedings of faculty, university and, from 1957, dean's and then rector's council meetings. The most important source series is the registered documents of the Rector's Office and related organizational units. An integral part of the archives is a complete collection of personal and academic records of students, which are stored by the university's education and information department until they are handed over. The fond of Dr. Károly Polinszky, the founder, former dean, and later rector of the university, containing documents related to Veszprém, is also worth mentioning. At the time of its establishment, the archives received the archival material up to 31 December 1995. Since then, a further 97 linear metres of records have been transferred to the archives. Research is supported by depository inventories and a directory published in 2001. The collection of the Pannonia University Archives in Veszprém amounts to 26 fonds, 1900 storage units, 222.64 linear metres, from 1949 to 2010.

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