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The Hungarian National Archives Zala County Archives

The Hungarian National Archives Zala County Archives have three establishments. The central Archives is situated in Zalaegerszeg in the Széchenyi tér 3-5. building. This building houses the offices, the research enquiry and the research room. The oldest, the most valuable and the most commonly used documents are kept in the depository of the central establishment of the Archives. The other repository, which has more records than the central building, is situated on the edge of the city, on corner of Balaton út and Road 74. The modern documents are stored in this building. Of these – concerning the quantity – the most significant records are related to the documents of judicial, municipal offices and economy bodies. The third site of the Archives, which preserves the records of minor economic bodies, is also situated in Zalaegerszeg in the Kossuth Lajos utca. The Archives currently employs 27 people. Of these 23 people are qualified archivists, half of them have higher education degrees, the other half have secondary education level qualifications. Four people are responsible for the technical and financial functioning. The Archives had 10.776 linear meters documents on January 1, 2014. More than three quarters of the Archive’s records were made in the 20th century, especially in the second half of the 20th century, that is to say, they are modern documents. The earliest record is the Charter of Bela IV (King of Hungary) made in 1240. In it the King gave away that land which was confiscated from Bánk bán because he killed his mother. From the historical point of view the most considerable collection of records is the Zala County Archive (1555-1950). The minutes of the General Assemblies are partly available from 1555, but from the 18th century almost all records are available. Of these records we can highlight a document about the socage regulation of Maria Theresa and the series of tax revenue census in 18th and 19th century. Fonds of the Court documents are also significant. 49 nobility grant of arms [armalis] are also part of the valuable collection of the former County Archive. They were published after their restoration by the colleagues of the Archives. Other significant collections of the Archives include those 438 charters made before the Battle of Mohács (1526), 1408 handmade and printed maps, for example the one created by Sámuel Krieger in 1770, which is almost a 3-meter wide map of Lake Balaton, or that one made by János Tomasics in 1972, which depicts the whole territory of Zala County.

Further Information:
Address: 8900 Zalaegerszeg, Széchenyi tér 3.
Postal Address: 8901 Zalaegerszeg, Pf. 110.
Telephone: +36 92 510 030, +36 92 598 956, +36 92 598 957
Telefax: +36 92 510 029