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The Hungarian National Archives Veszprém County Archives

The Archives operates in two premises and it is formed by the central archives in Veszprém and a branch archives in Pápa. The Archives of Veszprém moved to its current centre in 2005, which had been built in 1928. This building had been the home of the Royal Hungarian Pál Kinizsi School of Non-Commissioned Officers. The Pápa Branch Archives was opened in 2008. Both of these institutions perform full-scale of archival functions.
The Veszprém County Archives bears general collection interest and Veszprém County is its sphere of activity. The Archives is preserving currently more than 14000 linear meters of records. The documents related to the historical Veszprém County as well as the records belonging to Veszprém among the historical towns and records of all the settlements of the county except the Pápa District are housed there. The Pápa Branch Archives preserves the records of the former and current institutions of the city and the Pápa District as well.
From the second half of the 19th century to the end of the World War II, the collection of the Archives was damaged several times. Following this, the administrative documents of the comitat created 1849-1945 have remained just in fragments to posterity.
Apart from the historical documents, the records dealing with the central administrative and jurisdictional bodies of the county, the documentation of the institutions, companies, co-operatives and corporations are kept in line with the said distribution. In consequence of the disposing the large estates and the dissolution of the religious orders as well as the nationalisation, the records of several significant ecclesiastical institution and other manors were taken to the custody of the Archives. Among others, the documents belonged once to the archives of the chapter of Veszprém, the records of the Benedictine abbey of Tihany, the Franciscan monastic quarters of Pápa, Sümeg and Veszprém as well as the documents of the Zichy family’s estates in Nagyvázsony, Palota and the manors of the Eszterházy-family in Pápa, or the estates belonged to the public foundation of Somlóvásárhely are preserved in the Archives as well. Furthermore, the archives of several gentry families such as the Erdődy, Véghely, Széll families and the documents of the Berhidai Archives were taken to Veszprém County Archives. Along with the bequest of others these records are researchable there.
The collection of 345 diplomas and charters created before the battle of Mohács (1526) is the oldest group of the documents. The oldest among them was created in 1214. The collection of the diplomas decorated with coat of arms as well as rich maps collection represents a high value.
Apart from performing the (basic, essential) archival functions both of our institutions issue several publications, organize academic and other conferences, symposiums annually. Among the cultural and educational activities the Archives organizes historical, archival and other thematic exhibitions. In the modern classroom designed with the support of the European Union, the Veszprém County Archives regularly holds classes for pupils in every age group.

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Address: 8200 Veszprém, Török Ignác u. 1.
Postal address: 8202 Veszprém 2., Pf. 705.
Telephone: +36 88 401 422

Pápa Branch Archives
Address: 8500 Pápa, Széchenyi István u. 20.
Telephone: +36 89 323 920; +36 70 457 7881