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The Hungarian National Archives Vas County Archives

The legal predecessor of the Archives, the Vas County Public Archives was established through the unification of the archives of Vas County and the municipality of Szombathely. The records related to the municipalities of towns and other settlements, regional administrative departments, institutions, associations, influential families and individuals, as well as the Chapter of Vasvár-Szombathely (since 1959) were taken to the former building of the County Archives under the control of one institution. Branch Archives was established in Kőszeg, in 1972. That preserves the records of Kőszeg city. In 2001, the centre of the Archives was extended with a new modern building which was built for archival purposes. A side corridor connects the new building to the old one.
The main body of the records kept in the Hungarian National Archives Vas County Archives is formed by the historical archive of Vas County [comitat]. The documents – created before 1920 – related to the district of Felsőőr, Németújvár and Muraszombat. Due to the Treaty of Trianon Felsőőr and Németújvár were annexed to Austria, while Muraszombat to Yugoslavia (now Slovenia).
684 medieval charters and diplomas (created before the battle of Mohács, 1526) as well as the minutes of the county council (complete series regarding 1595-1849) are the most valuable sources among the documents preserved in the Archives. Worth to highlight the documents of the socage regulation carried out by Queen Maria Theresa, the instructions for the deputies of the feudal Hungarian Diet (18-19th century), the collection of the perambulations as well as the royal deeds of gift. From the aspect of economic history the records of the county’s tax-collectors (17-19th century) are incredibly valuable. Among the documents of ecclesiastic bodies the minutes and records belonging to the Chapter of Vasvár-Szobathely (1543-1874), while regarding the main group of fond of Kőszeg, free royal city in the feudal age (1529-1848) are remarkable. The series of minutes have been complete since 1572. The old charters of the city belong to secret archives. The documents related to 1532, when the Turkish sieged Kőszeg, represents a high value as well.
The first volume of the minutes of Szombathely was created in 1606. The administrative records of Szombathely concerned with the late modern period are complete. Furthermore, the documents of the municipal councils and the mayors are rich sources of the research on the urbanisation.
The Archives has been organizing exhibitions since the 1980s. Among the Hungarian archives the Vas County Archives was the first which took part in the Night of the Museum festivals (2009). The institution organizes regularly academic conferences. Among them the Day of Vas County Archives is the most well-known, which has been organized annually organized since 1984.
Besides several separate publications, the Archives has published the volumes of the Levéltári Évkönyv [Archival Yearbook], the Vas megyei levéltári füzetek [Issues of the Vas County Archives], and recently the series of the Archivum Comitatus Castriferrei.

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II. Kőszeg Branch Archives
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