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The Hungarian National Archives Tolna County Archives

The Archives of Tolna County was originally located in the Town Hall (built in 1727) of Simontornya. However, the Archives was moved to the Abbey of Szekszárd in the center of the County in 1780. Finally, the Archives was relocated to the classicist Town Hall, designed by Mihány Pollack, built from 1828 to 1836. The Archives is still located in the old Town Hall, where the offices, the research room, and the repositories of the feudal and late modern period documents are kept. Two thirds of the records, collected after 1950, are stored in the City, in repositories that are a bit away from one another. The total amount of the records are 12 215 linear meters on 31st December, 2013. The Archives has no documents from the Ottoman period of Hungary. The 200 charters, made before the battle of Mohács (1526) came from those noblemen who settled down in the county. The oldest charter dates back in 1291. Tolna County’s collection of records from the Feudalism is complete, while the records of the late modern period are fragmented. The minutes of the County Councils from 1696 to 1703 are complete, yet the minutes are missing in the next decade. From the period 1914 to 1849, and from 1867 to 1945 the minutes are complete. The documents of the absolutism, the neoabsolutism, and the provisorium are complete and can be studied. The researchers of the feudalism and the late modern period can study documents related to the court of law, civil and criminal suit and copyhold estate issues. The fonds of the Lord Lieutenants and administrative records of the districts, after the Compromise of 1867, are incomplete. However, the Deputy Lieutenant and County administration documents are complete and supported by archival aids. The researchers have an access to the fonds of the regional administrative bodies, the documents of the revenue offices, the state construction offices, the school inspector system, the forest inspector system, the associations and the school materials. It is worth highlighting a collection, which consists of 1131 maps from the 18-20th centuries. The digital versions of those cadastral maps, made in 1859/60, are available on the Internet. The 96-linear meter long documents of Tolna County’s historical families such as Apponyi, Augusz, Bartal, Bezerédj, Csapó, Gindli, Perczel, Styrum-Lymburg, Sztankovánszky etc., are also valuable sources of the County’s history. The number and the amount of people’s fonds are also significant (74 linear meters). Out of the several historical figures’ personal correspondence, we need to highlight Ferenc Liszt’s letters written to Baron Antal Augusz or the legacy of the poet, János Garay. Those administrative, financial, cooperative and corporation documents, which constitute the majority of the records made after 1950, can be studied with archival aids. During the last decades the number of legal documents, that is to say, court, prosecution, notaries’, solicitors’ and land estate register documents, have increased considerably. The repository capacity of the Archives still makes it possible to store the documents, which means that the collection of the communist period can be closed, and at the same time, the Archive, in accordance with the law, can store the public records made after 1990.

Publications of the Archives:
Tanulmányok Tolna megye történetéből [Studies about the History of Tolna County] I –XI. Volumes, Finished series
Tolna Megyei Levéltári Füzetek [Tolna County Archival Books] 1-14. Volumes, from 1990 up to now, series
Tolna megyei családok repertóriumai [Tolna County Families Repertories] I-IV. Volumes
Regeszta [Regesta] I-III. volumes. The Minutes of the Nemes County, 1696-1703, 1714-1720.
Évszázadokon át. Történelmi olvasókönyv Kezdetektől-1944-ig [Throughout the Centuries. History Reader from the beginning to 1944.] I-III. Volumes.

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