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The first mention of the archives of Pest County was written in 1657. The centre of the institution has been located for 300 years in Pest, (then after the unification of Buda and Pest) Budapest. The modern, new building of the Archives was built in 2001. The Nagykőrös Department established in 1973 forms part of the Pest County Archives. The records of Nagykőrös and Cegléd – both of these towns’ history are remarkable – moreover the settlements situated around them are kept there. In 2004 the Vác City Archives took over the documents related to Vác. The whole territory of the historical county was controlled by the Turkish 1541-1686. The legal and administrative authorities fled to royal territory, and continued their work in Nógrád County. The most of the records belonged to the county were perished during the fleeing, then in the siege of Fülek, 1682. Thus only secondary sources are telling about the existence of the Archives in the 15-16th century. The fonds containing administrative documents are the core of the Archives’ records. This part of the holdings is formed by three archives: Pest-Pilis-Solt County Archives (the archives of these three counties) with 1100 linear meters of documents. The oldest volume of the minutes of the county council was written in 1638. Only few documents remained in the archive of the county [comitat] from the period before the 17th century: the oldest is the patent of King Béla IV created in 1244. (The oldest original record of the Pest County Archives is one of the charters of King András II written in 1229. The number of the charters created before the battle of Mohács [1526] is 124.) The registers of taxes from the period 1701-1770 as well as the documents, deeds and maps of the legal cases relating to socage represent a high value among this archival group. The documents preserved in the Archives reflect the role of Pest County in the process of nationalisation and reform period. The records concerned with the “leader county” [comitat] mean incredibly sources for the research of the reform period.
The amount of documents belonged to the Pest-Pilis-Solt-Kiskun County Archives (1876-1949) is more than 5000 linear meters. It includes the fond of county’s Lord-Lieutenant and Deputy-Lieutenant whose quantity is more than 1300 linear meters. Among the fonds of the municipal committee and its boards the complete series of the minutes along with the city archives are noteworthy.
The records of the national committees, the local councils, the economic bodies, among them the fonds of the farmers’ cooperatives (continuously since 1950) form valuable part of the collection.
The Archives edits two series. In the Pest megye múltjából [Form the Past of Pest County] studies on the history of the county as well as large papers concerned with sources are published. 17 issues of the series have been already published since 1965. The other one, called Pest megyei Levéltári Füzetek [Issues of the Pest County Archives] (started in 1967) is series for publishing repertories, materials about methodology, sources and small studies, furthermore it includes the subseries of the regestas made on the medieval minutes of the county council.

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