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The Hungarian National Archives Komárom-Esztergom County Archives

The Hungarian National Archives (HNA) Komárom-Esztergom County Archives is located in three buildings in Esztergom. The Komárom Branch Archives belongs to the institution’s organisation, that keeps the records of the local authority as well as the documents of its legal predecessors and the institutions were affiliated with it. (The records of Tatabánya – a city situated in Komárom-Esztergom County – are preserved in the Archives of Tatabánya City of County Right). The bulk of the records housed in HNA Komárom-Esztergom County Archives are formed by the documents of the Komárom County Public Archives which were established in 1950 through the fusion of the archives of Esztergom County and Esztergom city of county right. The earliest documents related to the city or the comitat were written in the 17th century, the records of the earlier centuries perished in the age of the Ottoman rule. The fragments of minutes created 1638-1647 are the earliest documents of the comitat. The series of the minutes of Esztergom Comitat 1710-1848 are almost complete. The minutes of Esztergom royal city dated from 1706. The records of 60 of the settlements located within the current borders of the county are kept in the Archives. The most of these documents were created in the 20th century. The possessions belonged to the historical Komárom Comitat and Komárom royal city archives were taken to the State Archives of Nitra (Štátny Archív v Nitre), while the later were transferred to Northern Komárom, to the State Archives of Nitra Komárom Branch Archives (Státny Archív V Nitre, Pobocka Komárno) in consequence of the country planning carried out after the World War I and the World War II.
The documents of the School Inspectorate of Esztergom County are notable among the records of the local administrative bodies. The documents of that fond dated from 1939 contain data on the condition of the schools located in the territory reannexed by Hungary. From the documents taken from the local jurisdictional bodies the cadastral records of the Esztergom District created in the 19th century can be highlighted. The records of the coal mines important in national level were transported to the Hungarian National Archives. The institution preserves remarkable family archives as well, for instance the papers of the Palásthy family are kept in Esztergom. This group contains the bulk of those 230 diplomas of the Archives which were created before the battle of Mohács (1526). The earliest among them was written in 1256 and concerned with the division of the estate between the two branches of the Palásthy family.
Apart from the separate publications in different topics, the institution has been publishing the series of Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Levéltár Évkönyve [Yearbook of the Komárom-Esztergom County Archives] since 1984.

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The Hungarian National Archives Komárom Esztergom County Archives
Komárom Branch Archives
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