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The Hungarian National Archives Győr-Moson-Sopron County Sopron Archives

The Hungarian National Archives Győr-Moson-Sopron County Sopron Archives was established when the Archives of the City of Sopron and the County of Sopron were unified in 1950. Today, the Hungarian National Archives Győr-Moson-Sopron County Sopron Archives work as a financially and organizationally independent Archives. The Archives preserves the historical documents of the city of Sopron and the former Sopron County. Until 1918, the Sopron County archives preserved the majority of the documents of Kismarton, Nagymarton, Felsőpulya districts, which were later joined to Austria. In addition, the Sopron County archive preserved the Csepreg district documents, which district was later joined in Vas County in 1950. The collection area includes the territory of the city of Sopron and the settlements of the former Csorna, Kapuvár, Sopron districts. The city Archives moved to that building of the City Hall in 1497, and it is still situated in the later building. The institution preserves the County documents and records on the other side of the square, Főtér 5. The Sopron Archives were not treated properly during the Medieval Ages. The records of the Archives were transported and moved to different locations until 1832, when they were transported to their final place. However, later – for example before the Sopron referendum (1921) – the documents were moved and because of these frequent deliveries some of the documents were damaged. In spite of the huge losses and damages of the documents, one of the indicators of the significance of these documents is the fact that the series of minutes of the County General Assembly’s, set up in the year 1578, were preserved from the year 1597. The documents concerning taxation, legal and orphan issues, which were important from social, settlement, legal and family history perspectives were well preserved. In addition the documents and minutes of nobility enquiries were also well preserved. The Medieval documents of the Sopron City Archives are considerable in Hungary. The city of Sopron has approximately 4000 of those 5400 charter collections which were written before the Battle of Mohács (1526). The city also owns 311 codices fragments and 49 Jewish codices fragments. The richness of the documents of the early modern period is well represented in the minutes of the General Assembly from 1551, the documents of the Rechtsbuch from 1590 as well as the legacy inventories from 1617. The citizen books of Sopron can be found in the Archives from 1535. These documents are inexhaustible sources of urban history. While the dominant language of the County documents was Latin until the beginning of the 19th century, the majority of the documents of the bilingual city were written in German. The urban historical sources and monographs can be highlighted, because of their unique sources, from the publications of the Archives concerning the City and Sopron County.

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