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The Hungarian National Archives Győr-Moson-Sopron County Győr Archives

The Hungarian National Archives Győr-Moson-Sopron County Győr Archives include the Archives of Győr and Moson Counties and the Archives of Magyaróvár privileged market town [oppidum]. The first written document about Győr County’s [comitat] jointly handed writings dates back to the minutes of the nobility’s General Assembly in 1622, when Gáspár Grebechy Deputy-Lieutenant gave that suitcase, which contained the documents of the County courts, to the County’ s notary. The “Archivum Comitatus”, was only mentioned one hundred years later, in the proceedings of General Assembly in 1721. The “Archivum Comitatus”, was presumably quite huge because it took two weeks to categorize the records and it also needed a separate chamber to store the documents. However, it was not an independent Archives until 1805, when Kristóf Schedius was appointed as the Head Archivist by the Lord Lieutenant. The first significant categorization of the documents of the Archives was carried out by him and this was important, because the former County Notaries only organized the documents based on their types and not their contents. Kristóf Schedius made easy-to-use elenchuses and indexes to categorize the records. The number of the records in the Archives increased considerably by the end of 1860s, that is to say, the years of Absolutism and Provisorium, when the documents of the offices in the territory of the County were bailed out to the Archive. One of the most significant archivists of this period was the historian Károly Ráth. Even though he only worked there some years (1861, 1867-1868), he categorized and published the valuable records with great enthusiasm. This institute functioned as the Archives of Győr-Moson-Pozsony administratively unified County from the January 1, 1924. The Archives was not destroyed at all during the Second Word War. The body of the collection was gathered between 1950 and 1960 and the 1990s and 2000s years. In the former period the documents of the civic period and later the documents of the socialist periods were handled by the Archive. The Archives of Moson County were first mentioned in the minutes of the General Assembly in 1683, when the Estates of the Realms took the most important documents to the house of the Lord Lieutenant. During the Rákóczi’s War for Independence the Archives was transferred first (1707) to the Győr Chapter, and later the Pozsony Chapter. The collection was taken back from Pozsony to Magyaróvár only in 1712. The Vice-Notary, Ferenc Zichy became the Head of the Archives in 1748. In 1792 a chamber was given to store the records in the County Hall. From 1832 to 1840 the County Registrar, József Schott was responsible for dealing with the records. After Moson and Győr Counties were unified (1924), the records of the Archives was closed down. The Archives was moved to its current location in 1968. In Magyaróvár market town the first Archives was established in 1776. In 1787 a new job was created within the City Chancellery in order to deal with the documents. The Notary, József Fakler made the indexes of the documents created between 1581 and 1806. Because the town was organized into a municipality, the collection was carried to the County Archives.

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