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The Hungarian National Archives Békés County Archives

The Hungarian National Archives (HNA) Békés County Archives is formed by a central, a branch archives and a department. The central one operating in Gyula preserves the bulk of the documents of the historical Békés County. Documents created by the bodies of central administration and jurisdiction up to the 1950s were taken there. The Békés Branch Archives custodies the documents related to the institutions of the former Békés district, the records of the councils for instance the county council. After the democratic changes (in 1989) the former party archives integrated into the organisation of the County Archives without moving the documents which were placed then to the Békés Branch Archives in 2010.

The structure and chronological distribution of the records reflects well to the history of Békés County. The territory of the county was occupied by the Turkish in the middle of the 16th century. While one part of the documents (which had been created before) were saved by the orders of the local landlord György Brandenburgi, the others were perished. These papers have not been taken back to Békés County yet, but the photocopies of these diplomas are available in the Békés County Archives. The legal framework of the county was reconstructed by the Act XCII of 1792. From that moment the records of the county have remained completely. From 1950 the Békés County Archives as well collected valuable documents which were created in its sphere of collection in Békés County. The records preserved in the Archives are perpetually growing. The collection, which contained 3000 linear meters of documents in the 1980s, now amounts more than 8600 linear meters.

From the researchers’ aspect, apart from the documents of the county administration, the rich fonds of towns and large villages located in the Great Plain are incredibly valuable. Among the company records also can be found documents, such as the records of the Kner Press of Gyoma which awaken a great interest. In Békés County, where the centres of social studies are still very rare, the Békés County Archives played and plays an important role in research management. Recently, besides the individual publications, the Archives publishes six series: 27th number of the Forráskiadványok a Békés Megyei Levéltárból [Published Documents from the Collection of the Békés County Archives], 11th of the Közlemények Békés megye és környéke történetéből [Publications on the History of Békés County and its Vicinity], 5th of the Körösök Vidéke [Vicinity of the Körös Rivers] have been already published. Furthermore, the Archives has been issuing the Segédletek a Békés Megyei Levéltárból [Research Guides from the Békés County Archives] since 2006 and the Múltidéző mozaikok Békés megye történetéből [Retrospecting Mosaics to the History of Békés County] since 2010. Five numbers of the later has been already out. In 2008 the A Békés Megyei Levéltár térképei [Maps in the Collection of the Békés County Archives] in 2009 the A Békés Megyei Levéltár kataszteri térképei [Cadastral Maps in the Collection of the Békés County Archives] DVDs were published. 68 publications and maps are available in digitalised format among the archival publications of Hungarian Archival Portal.

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