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The Central Archives of the University of Sopron (earlier Archives of the University of West Hungary)

The Central Archives, founded in 1984, collects and keeps the historical records of the University of Sopron and its legal predecessor institutions from 1862 to the present day.

The Archives shares the documents of the following institutions with the University of Miskolc Archives, according to their area of competence: Forestry School of Selmecbánya (1808–1846), Mining and Forestry Academy of Selmecbánya (1846–1903), Mining and Forestry College (1904–1919), College for Mining and Forestry of Sopron (1919–1934) and the Faculty of Mining, Metallurgy and Forestry of the József Nádor University of Technology and Economics (1934–1949).

The Archives also collects the personal legacies of the university's lecturers and prominent members of the profession, as well as images and sound recordings, film footage and material resources illustrating important events in university life.

The Archives has a total of 650 linear metres of documents, classified in 83 fonds. The oldest manuscript dates back to 1848.


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Address: 9400 Sopron, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 9.
Postal address: 9401 Sopron, Pf. 32.
Phone: (06 99) 518 279, (06 99) 518 296, (06 99) 518 667