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Szent István University Veterinary Science Library, Archives and Museum

The Archives (founded in 1986) collects apart from documents created by several bodies (central offices, departments), the study registers and the minutes of the council meetings. The institution houses donated documents (for instance diplomas, biographies, manuscripts of materials on the history of the veterinary). The records kept in the Archives amounts 115.12 linear meters. Among them document called „Extractus protocolli Instituti Veterinarii 1787-1815” belongs to the oldest and most valuable ones. During the classification and processing the records and creating fonds, the structural changes carried out through the history of the institution was kept in sight.

12 December 1786: King József II passed a decree about the establishment of Department of Veterinary and the appointment of Sándor Tolnay as the head of that institution. In the summer of 1787 the Department started its work at the as the part of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Pest. From the late 1790s beside the Faculty, there was the Veterinary Institute which concerned with the veterinary and education of it in practice.
10 August 1851: The Department of Veterinary and the Veterinary Institute were separated from the University and their name was altered for Imperial and Royal Institute for Veterinary Medicine of Pest.
4 December 1860: As the language of instruction was changed for Hungarian, the name of the institution was modified for Hungarian Royal Institute for Veterinary Medicine of Pest.
8 March 1869: Hungarian Royal Institute for Veterinary Medicine of Pest was taken under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture, Industry and Trade from the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Education which had controlled the Institute before.
22 September 1875: The King approved the new organisational statute, following this the name of the institution was Hungarian Royal Veterinary Medicine Institute.
29 September 1890: The renewed organisational statue received royal assent. In consequence of that the Institute was transformed for the Royal Academy of Veterinary.
11 February 1899: The Academy was upgraded and became college. The Royal Collage of Veterinary Medicine was lead by appointed Rector.
1906: The College fulfilled the criteria to confer the doctoral title.
1934-1945: The education of veterinary was running at the Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at the Hungarian Royal József Nádor University of Technology and Economics which was established by the Act X of 1934.
Summer of 1945: Due to a Prime Ministerial decree the University of Agricultural Sciences was established. This included the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine among others.
13 October 1952: The Faculty seceded from the University of Agricultural Sciences and became independent under the name of College of Veterinary Medicine.
1962: On the anniversary of its foundation, the institution obtained the university title and rank as the University of Veterinary Science.
1 January 2000: The Szent István University (centre in Gödöllő) was established and the University of Veterinary Science was integrated to this as the Faculty of Veterinary Science.
1 July 2016: The Faculty of Veterinary Science is separated from Szent István University and the independent University of Veterinary Medicine is re-established.
1 August 2020: The University of Veterinary Medicine is run by the Marek József Foundation.


Archival holdings: 175.34 linear metres classified into 169 fonds.

List of fonds and subfonds is available here.

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