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Serbian Orthodox Diocese Archives

The Buda Greek Orthodox (Pravoslav, Orthodox) Serbian Episcopate began taking shape in the 15th century under the canonical jurisdiction of the Serbian Patriarchate (Autocephalous Serbian Church) of Ipek. The first Serbian Orthodox bishop known by name was Archiepiscopus Száva, active in the second quarter of the 15th century. There are more data about the Greek Orthodox Serbian bishops of Buda from the 16th, 17th centuries. After 1690 Serbs settled in Hungary in large numbers, so in 1692 the king recognized the official existence of the episcopate with Szentendre and later Buda as a seat. In 1732 it was united with the Greek Orthodox Serbian Episcopates of Mohács, Dunaszekcső and Szigetvár. The episcopate was under the jurisdiction of the Serbian Archiepiscopate of Karlóca until the First World War, since then it has been under the jurisdiction of the Greek Orthodox Serbian Patriarchate of Belgrade. From the middle of the 19th century in winter the bishops lived in the bishop’s palace of Buda and from spring to autumn they stayed in Szentendre, where they had their episcopal office.

The archives operating as special archives since 1970 was handled by the Serbian Ecclesiastical Art and Scientific Collection. Since 1995 it has been private archives open to the public. The material exceeds 240 running meters and it preserves records from the 17th century onward. In addition to the church administrative, judicial and educational records of the central bodies of the episcopate, the documents of the parishes and deaneries can be found here, too. The collection of the parish registers is of significant documentary value (beginning with 1725).


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