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Episcopal and Cathedral Chapter Archives of Székesfehérvár

The Diocese of Székesfehérvár, which covers the north-eastern part of Transdanubia, is not one of the most ancient dioceses of the country. The Bishopric of Székesfehérvár was founded by Queen Maria Theresa in 1777. Its territory was carved out from the Diocese of Veszprém and its seat, as a royal coronation and burial place, had an exempt status. During its history, the territory of the bishopric changed only once. In 1993 in accordance with the decree of Pope John II the diocese lost its Budapest and Danube Band parishes with the exception of Csepel-island but it received Budaörs from the Archdiocese of Esztergom, the neighbourhood of Tatabánya and Oroszlány from the Diocese of Győr and the region of Enying and Lepsény from the Diocese of Veszprém.

The core of the archives is the material dealing with Fejér and Pest Counties, given to the newly organized Diocese of Székesfehérvár by the Veszprém Episcopate in 1777. Since then the archives have collected the bishopric’s own church government records. In the beginning it meant protocol volumes, where the administrative documents were copied. On the instructions of Bishop József Vurum, in 1816 a special system of record management of the bishopric was elaborated by Károly Aigner, which is used up to this day. The files were numbered according to their subject (according to a special numbering system, consisting of 1191 units) and the records were divided in six large series according to subjects. (All series were attached to certain number contingents.) This system of record management made the keeping of an index unnecessary. The visitation protocols, the records on the church visits and the copies of registries were placed in this system but due to their bulkiness, later they formed separate series. In the 1930s István Kuthy worked on the rearrangement of the archives: he modernized the archival numbering system and separated the school records (scholaria) from the parochial records. The archival material is divided into three parts in chronologic order: 1777-1945/48 (concerning school), 1945/48-1993 and since 1993. This division and thus the separation of the depository and the archives took place in 1998.

The core material and the economic archives of the bishopric are separated; the latter was transferred to the episcopal archives in the 1930s. When he arranged the archives, István Kuthy selected the records of the old Provostry of Székesfehérvár and placed them in a separate collection. The archives tried to collect the records of the different church institutions from the territory of the diocese. The material of the retirement home of priests, the records of the seminary (which was ceased in 1952) and the incomplete archival material of the Actio Catholica group of the diocese are of great importance. Lately the archives started to collect the vanishing parochial and decanal archives as well.

The archives of the Cathedral Chapter were arranged for the first time in 1859, also according to the system of Aigner and were placed in a room in the tower of the Cathedral. Since 1961 the Cathedral Chapter Archives has been handled by the archivist of the bishopric but it kept its sovereignty at least in the name of the institution.


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