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Eötvös Loránd University Library and Archives

Foundation: 1958

The University Archives of Eötvös Loránd University, the first and oldest university archives in the country, was established on 11 July 1958 with the authorisation of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs. The institution was granted specialised archives status in 1983. The specialised responsibilities of the University Archives include the exploration, collection, organisation, and provision for research of the University's documents of historical value. Today, in addition to the central archives of the Rector's Office and the eight faculties, the archives of other offices, institutes, departments, and professors' personal legacies have been collected and are available to researchers. In 1988, the University Archives published its first and in 1998 its second repertory, which provide detailed information on the oldest university sources collected up to that time. Since 2008, the University Archives have also had a website, which provides online information on both research opportunities and the University Archives' archival holdings, with a daily updated fonds and subfonds index.  Since 1984, the University Archives has been involved in the technical and practical training of archives students.

The ELTE Archives is not only the repository of the university's source material, but also the workshop and coordinator of research on the history of the university and the history of science: the results of the research are published in three series of publications and in publications outside the series. The series "Chapters from the History of Eötvös Loránd University" contains source publications, volumes of studies, data repositories and monographs related to the history of ELTE. An important field of research of the Archives, which is pioneering in Hungarian historiography, is the exploration of the students’ university migration – peregrination – of historical Hungary. The aim of the research was to compile a complete data archive of Hungarian students who studied at various European universities in the Middle Ages (1100-1526) and in the modern period (1526-1918). A huge database currently containing the details of around 97,000 peregrine students has so far been published in 23 volumes in the series “Hungarian Students’ University Migration in the Modern Era" and in two volumes in the series "Hungarian Students at Medieval Universities". The third series of publications, entitled "Publications on the History of Higher Education", contains the sources of Hungarian higher education institutions, including those that have already ceased to exist or were outside the Trianon borders. In the first round, the list of names and data of students are published.

The collection of the archives includes the records of the predecessor institutions of the university and of all its current organizational units and teachers. Not including the collection of charters (from 1263/64, 110 items), the oldest document is the charter issued by Péter Pázmány, Archbishop of Esztergom (1635). Although from the Jesuit period of the university fewer documents have survived, from 1889 the series of the minutes of the Faculty of Humanities and from 1900 the minutes of the Faculty of Law are complete. The documents of the University Library and the Botanical Garden date from the 18th century. The records of the Institute for Teacher Training and the Teachers' Examination Board have been preserved from their foundation. The legacy of 35 professors, including Lipót Fejér, Frigyes Riesz, Dezső Pais, Elemér Vadász and others, is of great value from the point of view of the history of science. The vast majority of the 1900 linear metres of documents, currently classified in 132 fonds, date back to the 20th century.

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On the Archives' website, you can find the daily updated list of fonds and subfonds of the Archives, which provides information on the archives' holdings.


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