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Archives of the University of Pécs

The foundation of the Archives in 2004 was preceded by several years of preparation. In 2010 the institution was moved from the Rákóczi út, its temporary place to the new centre. The Archives possesses there a repository capable for housing 3000 linear meters of documents. The amount of the records kept there had been at the end of 2010 almost 500 linear meters, but the collection was quadrupled during the next two years. The documents related to the legal predecessors of the University of Pécs (established through integration in 2000) fall within the competence of the Archives. The collection includes the records concerned with one of the said legal predecessors, the Hungarian Royal Erzsébet University of Pozsony and Pécs (1911-1950) and other personal fonds. From the documents have been created since 1950, the records of the Rectorate, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Business and Economics and the Teachers’ College have been collected. In the near future the documents belonging to the Financial Office/Directorate (General), the Pollack Mihály Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, Medical School are planned to be transferred to the Archives. The Archives of the University of Pécs first in Hungary has started to take over those documents of the Clinics which deal with the health care. The Archives organizes annually academic conferences, the members of the staff teach at the University and they take part in Hungarian and international associations as well as programs for archivists and historians.

Further information:
Address: 7621 Pécs, Szepesy Ignác u. 1.
Telephone: (06 72) 501-500/2633

István Lengvári – Head Archivist, Director
Róbert Acél – Archivist
Mobilphone: (30) 969-5960
Petra Polyák - Assistant Archivist