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Archives of the Nyíregyháza Evangelical Congregation

The congregation was established in 1754, when Slovak Evangelicals settled here. It was a decanal seat and later, in the 20th century an episcopal seat.

The records were collected from 1754 but the settlers preserved or brought along a few earlier records as well. In the middle of the 19th century Pastor Sámuel Miklósfy had the records bound into four letter books, which contained the subject indexes of the files, too. The archives were managed by the pastors later on. The archives preserve the records regarding the congregation, whilst the decanal and episcopal records were taken over by the National Evangelical Archives after 1952. However, the records of some other congregations are preserved here: those of the Southern Szabolcs Missionary Congregation, which was abolished in 1956, and the Kisvárda Evangelical Congregation, which was abolished in 1977. The records of the once independent Tokaj Evangelical Congregation can be found here as well, these were sent to the archives in digital form in 2014.


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Address: 4400 Nyíregyháza, Luther tér 14.

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